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Binge Watching: Altered Carbon

Within my social circle there is the saying: Netflix ist der Teufel. (Netflix is the devil./ネット不利クスは魔王です。) Because it makes you sit in front of the computer and consume videos. I … Continue reading

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Haiku: 04.02.2018

入(はい)り雪(ゆき)を 庭園(ていえん)に降(お)りぞ 出(で)ても青(あお) Ich betrete den verschneiten Garten Als ich gehe Ist er wieder grün Entering the garden, snow falls, as I leave green reigns supreme

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Verdummung 2.5: Reminding of parking tickets

So, yesterday I entered a local supermarket, one which was bought by a large commercial group from another ex-large commercial group and keeps the old name as a subtitle under … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: A little bit of Dropfleet and a small game

Whew, 30 days again, I thought I did something in January before today, damn. The first month of the year has been …slow. I finished one model and primed 15, … Continue reading

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Tanka 02.12.2017

So to end the year on a high note another one finally finished. It became a Tanka and violates the rules of them, but I still like it. Maybe someone … Continue reading

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Somewhat mixed Post including the Paint Pain, New Venues, To Battle and something about language use.

Naturally I have been doing stuff lately, except much writing. Okay, I did this too, I even started yet another novel project, which right now stands at a massive 3 … Continue reading

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Haiku 02.12.2017

So a little late up, but still hope you like it: 02.12.2017 山森和(やまもりは) 冬之霞仁(ふゆのかすみに) 川之音(かわのおん) Inmitten des Bergwaldes der winterliche Nebel Das Rauschen des Flusses The forest hills Lie within … Continue reading

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