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Tanka 02.12.2017

So to end the year on a high note another one finally finished. I became a Tanka and violates the rules of them, but I still like it. Maybe someone … Continue reading

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Somewhat mixed Post including the Paint Pain, New Venues, To Battle and something about language use.

Naturally I have been doing stuff lately, except much writing. Okay, I did this too, I even started yet another novel project, which right now stands at a massive 3 … Continue reading

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Haiku 02.12.2017

So a little late up, but still hope you like it: 02.12.2017 山森和(やまもりは) 冬之霞仁(ふゆのかすみに) 川之音(かわのおん) Inmitten des Bergwaldes der winterliche Nebel Das Rauschen des Flusses The forest hills Lie within … Continue reading

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The Numbers Thing

And again over a month, the end of this year really doesn´t give me much time to write. I hope everyone whom it concerns had a good christmas time. For … Continue reading

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Another Haiku 19.11.2017

紅葉中(こうようなか)に 一(ひと)つ木(き)の実(み) 夕日影(ゆうひかげ) Inmitten des Herbstlaubes Findet sic him Abendlicht eine einzelne Frucht In the light of dusk Amidst the yellow leaves A lone fruit, still ripe

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Haiku 19.11.2017

真(ま)っ赤(かい)しき 紅葉(こうよう)なりき 枯川(かれがわ)に Tiefrot schimmert das Herbstlaub im trockenen Kiesbett A deep red shine of leaves fallen within the dry river

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Life signs, 1 more year down and Building Bench: Dropfleet

Whew, over a month silence here and I missed to put something up on my birthday…I keep being a terrible blogger obviously. The last weeks were stressful despite the last … Continue reading

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