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Haiku for the dark moon: 27.-28.07.2018

暗(くら)し空(そら) 弐赤丸也(にあかまるなり) 蝉(せみ)の音(おと) Am schwarzen Himmel prangen zwei rote Scheiben zum Gesang der Grillen Twain red spheres Alight the dark sky to the song of crickets 錆(さ)びて月(つき) 夏夜暑(なつよるあつ)さ 忘(わす)れてぞ Der … Continue reading

July 29, 2018

Kurage Crisis Battle reports

The next Infinity campaign is finished and it is the first one I lost. My regular opponent won one game more than me, which is first. Congrats, also I hate … Continue reading

July 29, 2018

Haiku 28.07.2018

秘密夜(ひみつよる) 影之満月下(かげなまんげつげ) 皆孤独(みなこどく) Unter dem Schattenmond Bleibt jeder allein in dieser Nacht der Geheimnisse A night of secrets Beneath the shaded moon everyone in solitude  

July 29, 2018

Haiku: 29.06.2018

明(あか)るし日(ひ) 黄色蝶也(きいろちょうなり) まだ看(み)らん Bei hellichten Tag Kreuzt ein gelber Schmetterling fast unsichtbar im grellen Lichte In brightest day Almost imperceptible the yellow butterfly

June 30, 2018

Life Signs, The Paint Pain: CA and Start of Kurage

Almost a month already again…damn. So I am alive and mostly well, just pretty busy and often too burned in the evenings to write much here. Also no poetry in … Continue reading

June 27, 2018

To Oppress and Subjugate: CA Battle Report, Viral Outbreak

„Good, you can breathe, so you can talk. Tell me what was going on at the damned research lab. Your superiors will know of you survival once you talked. No … Continue reading

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Haiku 13.05.2018

  大雨(おおあめ)に 弐刃打(にわぶ)つかるき 塵出(ちりい)でる Inmitten des Regens Treffen sich zwei Klingen Staub springt empor Under heavy rain Two blades meet Dust explodes

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