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Haiku 26.11.13

青白(あおしろ)しき 朝草(あさくさ) 教会(きょうかい)な音(おん)   Grün-weißer Rasen im Morgengrauen Das Geräusch der Kirchenglocke In der Ferne   The morning gras lies green and white The sound of a church ________________________________________ Here … Continue reading

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Choosing your colours: Deviating from official paint schemes

As I went around bragging that this is also a wargaming blog, it is about time to have an article about miniatures. Ihereby present some of my Infinityminatures, to be … Continue reading

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Haiku 20.11.2013

道横仁(みちよこに) 大樹一(たいきひと)つ葉(は) 枝(えだ)になり Besides the street, on a branch of the large tree, sits one last leaf. Auf dem Ast des großen Baumes an der Straße, bleibt zurück nur ein … Continue reading

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Movie Time: Thor – The Dark Kingdom

Yesterday I ventured forth to the theatres, to see the latest installation of Marvelmovies.And it rocked. As I will talk about the plot somewhat, be warned that there are spoilers … Continue reading

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Story Time: Infinity Short Story 1

This one I wrote for a story competition on the official Infinity forum, so anyone not familiar with this setting might have some understanding issues. ——————————————— Königszabel   With a … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Social Pressure

Today I was hung out to dry by two people who neither showed up, nor managed to mention beforehand that they will not do so. Which in turn had the … Continue reading

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Haiku 04.11.13.

緑中(みどりなか) 雨(あめ)に黄(き)いろは 白(しろ)い枝(えだ) In the rain, amongst the green, yellow leaves and white branches. Inmitten des Grüns, liegen im Regen, gelbe Blätter und weiße Äste. ————- I am not sure … Continue reading

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