Of Thoughts and Swords

A blog about Science, Philosophy, Wargaming, Literature and other things, in three or more languages.

The small beginnings

Having a beautiful double numbered birthday today, I will use this as an excuse to start this blog. It will take some time before it will be structured properly, but I guess everybody assumes that anyway with a new blog.

What ist to be expected here? Well, first my ramblings about different aspects of social life, gaming (wargaming in particular) and art (or my point of view of that). Besides it shall serve as a platform for scientific discussion and research. How all of that will turn out, I have no idea, but I am rady to give it a try.

Some entries will be in English, some in German and even less in Japanese. Whatever strikes my fancy for each entry. In time some will be translated as well.

So I hereby extend greetings to any visitor.

Oh, and there will be talk about swords as well.


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