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Movie Time: Thor – The Dark Kingdom

Yesterday I ventured forth to the theatres, to see the latest installation of Marvelmovies.And it rocked.

As I will talk about the plot somewhat, be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

The movie was full of action, well done CGI and even some plot. The acting was decent for a comic flick, Chris Hemsworth well oiled muscles are sufficiently held into the camera and the silliness of dialogue was quite low. All in all a well rounded film.


The movie has a very cool scene where Loki transforms himself into Captain America  to tease his brother. On the one hand this is totally awesome, as it ties the movie in with the other films of the Avenger cycle, which confers the impression that the story i spart of something greater than just one movie. On the other hand someone who has not seen any of the other movies, will have a hard time getting the pun. So I am torn on this matter. Still the scene really was cool.

So how are the Dark Elves?


Quite fitting design and once more we learn that civilizations, that existed before the beginnings of the universe (!), live in spaceships and have space-matter folding grenades (Dark Eldar anyone?). Their armour is as spiky as it is black, their skin is as pale as their ears are pointy. So they have all the classy attributes of evil, war-mongering space elves, which plays to typical fears of western civilizations.Maybe somewhat generic but it caters to the audience and thusly to the box office. Here goes the slavery to money.

There are some cool things in the film. First it has Rene Russo standing her ground in a fight against Malekith. After her rather poor performance in the first film against the ice giants this was a great relief.


Okay she dies the typical tragic death to enrage and despair Thor, Loki and Odin, which is somewhat too stereotypical in my book. The good side is that this helps getting the dynamic between Thor and Loki right. Welding them together in their quest for vengeance. The faked Loki vs Thor deception of the two to take down Malekith, was visible from a mile away, still nicely executed.

Anyway Tom Hiddleston impersonation of Loki is great throughout the movie. As everybody threatens to kill him he jsut smirks and he recovers nicely after being unexpectedly pushed out of a spaceship. Speaking of spaceships, Heimdall sneak attacking one is one of the best scenes of the movie. I´ve seen and played a lot but backstabbing a space craft was new. I am currently thinking how to implement that into an RPG some time.

Still my favourite scene is in the dungeons.

Side note: Why does everybody has a jail? Even in societies like the here presented one, where obviously no one believes in social correction, all villains are stuck into jails. Ever wondered what that tells us about us? Well I do.

When the Dark Elf infiltrator frees all the captives he stops at Lokis´ cell and they stare at each other for a moment. Then the Kursed leaves him be. Here we have to predators recognising their mutual dangerousness. The Kursed wants to destroy Asgard, still he does not dare trust Loki. Evil knows its´ own face after all. Just a great scene.

Enough of that. Watch the movie when you like the Marvel movies, stay away if you don´t.

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