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Choosing your colours: Deviating from official paint schemes

As I went around bragging that this is also a wargaming blog, it is about time to have an article about miniatures. Ihereby present some of my Infinityminatures, to be more precise a part of my Haqqislam army.


From time to time I like to deviate from established/official colour schemes. The point of official colour schemes is to inspire people and establish a sense of continuity and reality for a given background, with the natural exception of historical gaming, where reality tells us what to paint. There is also the simple fact, that the miniatures presented on a website need some colour, otherwise a lot less people would be interested. Corvus Belli maintains a very high standard for their studio paint jobs and presents the miniatures in cool posed background shots. All very cool.


On the other hand exactly this high quality presentation can discourage people. Seeing this awesomely detailed paint job can be very daunting to someone who is new to the hobby. I remember my first miniatures, wow they were really awfully painted, no mistake to that. This is the point where the forum or sites like coolminiornot come onto centre stage. Sites like these give us the opportunity to see the models in other ways, sometimes opening up a whole new perception of a miniature. TO give an example I totally disliked the Maghariba in his studio paintjob, I already had arranged myself with the idea not to have a T.A.G: for my Haqqislam army, then I saw a totally different paintjob on Coolmini and realised the potential of the model. So if you dislike a model give it a chance with different colours.


So I wanted to stay away from the official paintjob when I thought about what to do with my Haqqislam. The fact that I just painted some Salamander Space Marines surely didn´t help that I did not want to paint green anytime soon. The first step was to take a step away from a desert scheme. Most people paint their Haqqislam miniatures in a desert tone, well they live on a mostly barren planet and the official paintjob is desert style, these are good reasons for going down that road, so nothing at all is wrong with that. Still I aimed to misbehave in a sense and started to toy with the idea of other styles of camo. Jungle was out (no green) so urban and snow were on the line. Both share the white-grey basis, which didn´t help in making a decision. In the end snow won out, because it contains some blue elements, only painting white, grey and black seemed somewhat dull in the end. As a bonus snow came is about the absolute opposite from desert style and I like doing things in contrary fashion. On top of that I am a sucker for snow and ice themes (I can´t wait for the Svalarheima and Huang Di sectorials to be released).


For everybody still reading I have some words about the actual paintjob. White being the basic colour I naturally chose black for priming. Partly this is due to the fact that I still have to venture into the realms of white priming+black inking, but this is planned for my upcoming YuJing. Besides I like the darker tone that a black priming brings into a paint job.

Onto the black I drybrushed two layers of grey and a single white one. For the camo I started to splot around blotches of grey around the miniature, leaving out the weapon and some other parts, which one depends on the miniature. Similarly some areas get the grey treatment. All these parts are then highlighted twice by adding white to the mix. Then I do the same thing with white only without the highlighting. In between I put two metallic layers, a dark and a bright one, onto the few components that I want to be metals.

Then comes the blue with two highlights on the camo and at least five for the visors and stuff. Finally some black lines finish the job. Be warned though that until the blue is finished the paint job will appear rather dull, as the contrast colour is still missing, so don´t despair along the way.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope I didn´t bore anyone.


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