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Haiku 13.12.13

薄明(はくめい)に 紅葉煌(  もみじ  きらめ)く 冬成(ふゆな)った Im Zwielicht glitzert das Herbstlaub Es ist wahrliche Winter geworden The fallen leaves glitter in the twilight truly, winter it became

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Story Time: Infinity Short Story 2

Another one I wrote for a contest on the international forum. Today I would write some parts differently, but I decided to put it here without an extra round of … Continue reading

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Why do we play? Or why do I want to play Dreadball at the moment.

Between all the games I play I presently harbour a liking for Dreadball (next to my addiction to Infinity of course). For one I like the idea of Dreaball. A … Continue reading

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Haiku early 2010

古(ふる)い町(まち) 誰(だれ)も見(み)えずや 死草音(しぐさおと) In diesem alten Viertel Ist niemand zu sehen Nur das Geräusch des toten Grases No one can be seen In this old ward Just the sound of … Continue reading

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