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Why do we play? Or why do I want to play Dreadball at the moment.

Between all the games I play I presently harbour a liking for Dreadball (next to my addiction to Infinity of course).

For one I like the idea of Dreaball. A violent, high speed sport with nods to Rollerball and Motorball, yes please. Even though I am not a fan of the part of the mega corporation effectively ruling the galaxy, but it makes for a nice excuse for everyone just playing sports, so what the heck.

Lately we had a surge of interest in Dreadball (me finally getting a team also helped (as I said birthday recently). 2786.1.87.87.FFFFFF.0

(A small picture of the robots a.k.a. my team, not exactly these of course)

Right now when I have the choice between games I choose Dreadball. Why is that? Well I guess because I have rarely won so far. So far I have played with four different teams and only with one I didn´t lose the first match (No it weren´t the robots). I am not good at this game.

Onwards to the explanation.

I am not accustomed to losing in wargames or board games. Something in my brain went terribly wrong and I just suck in rules, dice systems and their interactions among each other, without so much of a thought. Same applies to statlines. Give me a new army book, I look through it once (about three minutes) and I can quote you most of the point costs and special rules. Combined with a background in reading military literature, including tactical manuals and stuff, which I can apply to the tabletop, I am good at pushing my miniatures around, in order to win.

I don´t enjoy crushing someone, a well fought almost draw is my most beloved outcome for a battle. So being on the losing side is rather rare for me.


(Not really related picture to get back to Dreadball)

So the fact that I am losing means that I am not good at this game,….yet. Somewhow it sparked my ambition, I just have to get better. It gives me something to do, something to strive for. It may only be a game, but I want to be good at it, as I want to be good at eveything (besides the things I accepted I am bad at…)

So does this make any sense? Well figure that out for yourself, I have a game to master.


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