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Haiku 28.01.2014

鳥鳴(とりな)く 並木路(なみきみち)に 鵲(かささぎ)おどる Auf der Allee Hüpft zum Gesang der Vögel Eine Elster Under the song of birds Upon the avenue Dances a magpie

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Story Time: Infinity A Caledonian Tale 1 (High Rise)

This one was intended to be an ongoing series, which, once more, started on the international forums. I have not yet written many parts, but maybe posting them here will … Continue reading

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Imposing your own limits

Everybody has a limit. This old axiom is heaved around quite a bit in literature and movies alike. As Axioms go we can assume that the reason for that is, … Continue reading

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My last game (of 40K)

Early this year I made the mistake to let a friend of me talk me into playing Warhammer 40k. I refrained from putting down my good old GW miniatures, for … Continue reading

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Story Time: Infinity Short Story 3

This one also is a product of a competition on the forum. This one had a theme, which should be apparant at the end. —————————————————————————————————————————– Of Starts and Durations Toshirō … Continue reading

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Another Haiku from 13.12.13.

13.12.13.   師走夜(しはすよる) 暗(くら)しき電車(でんしゃ) 霞(かすみ)より   Aus dem Nebel Gleitet der düstere Zug In einer Dezembernacht   On a night in decembre Floats from the Mist A dark train

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