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My last game (of 40K)

Early this year I made the mistake to let a friend of me talk me into playing Warhammer 40k. I refrained from putting down my good old GW miniatures, for a long time. After having played one game shortly after release, I was fed up with the system.

I own several thousands miniatures for almost all GW systems (combined that ist, not for each single one. I am not that crazy!), and spent really a lot of good time with them. With the 6.th Edition of 40K and 8.th Edition of Fantasy, the pure randomness of the system simply put me off. I started to call them Randomhammer, ever since.

I don´t want this to be the usual GW rant, I have delivered my share of those anyway, suffices to say that GW does not produces games for me anymore. Why I am writing this then?

Well, I let me talk into the game, in order to give the system another chance. I truly think that every system (and everyone), deserves at least a second chance. Sometimes it is not worth the effort, though. The moment he showed me his army list, I knew I had lost the game. Simple as that. There actually was no reason to play the game. Honestly, how lame is that?

You need to know, that I am a fluff gamer. I build my armies around a theme and how they might actually be deployed within the context of the universe. I loathe minmax armies and tend to avoid such builds. For that reasons my Sister of Battle army always, always includes two squads of 13, as it is the holy number of the Emperor. You could also say that I use my Sororitas as a test if the system works. When I can use the army and have a chance to win any game against any army, the system works.

Well it doesn´t, it really sucks. Hence I decided a system which is not able to give an army at least a chance at winning, is never to be played again. What to do with all my miniatures is another point.

What is the actuall purpose of this post? You can decide that for yourself. Happy thinking.


Copyright of the image in this post lies with Games Workshop.



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