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Imposing your own limits

Everybody has a limit. This old axiom is heaved around quite a bit in literature and movies alike. As Axioms go we can assume that the reason for that is, because it is true. Hence an axiom.

Not questioning this further, we return to the point of limits. As I see it there are two types of limits we are subjected to: external and self-imposed.

Our control about external limits, is obviously limited. In this category we find things like our endurance. There is only so much time we can hold our breath, for example. At one point we have to breathe (or choose to fall unconscious, but that is a topic for another time). Limits like these may be pushed, but hardly broken.

Self-imposed limits on the other hand, may be redefined as we like, hence the name. Most of us put themselves under more of these limits than they are aware. Like most social norms and habits, it has become/is a so mundane task that it barely is a conscious effort. I alone decide how much abuse (real or imaginary) I will take in a certain field, before I say: enough.

This is often evident in a break-up. Generally one side of the couple has decided to end this and the other one is more or less overwhelmed with the consequences. If one of them is actually in love with the other, there is a lot she/he will take from the other one. Even stuff that seems ridiculous to outsiders simply is accepted. Often people will push their limit of what is acceptable, further and further, there really is no set breaking point. If there would be one, people could not push this one limit to such an extent that, everything else gets neglected. This is where the word obsession enters the fray.

Yet I started this because of the quality of wargaming miniatures and not because of obsessions, so the obsessions have to wait for another day.

The other day (yesterday, to be precise) I found myself had pressed, to bring myself finishing the paint on a Dreadball miniature. The lighting was bad, my head ached, but I wanted to finish it, in order to get on with other projects. I conceded not to press on, when I took another look at the miniature. The low casting quality just did not justify the effort. If it had been a more refined miniature, I probably would have finished it, despite the hindrances. Yet, I could not bring myself to invest the extra energy in something of that standard. I had reached my limit of endurance for this particular activity.

All of that boils down to one thing. Still most of our activities are bound to pleasure. The pleasure of seeing that thing finished was clearly outweighed by the pain it would cause me, when I kept going. Thus I decided to keep my limit.

Sun is up today. I guess I´ll go painting now.


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