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Cheating probabilities today the d6

Besides me vowing to post more, this post is about the most beloved (or beloathed) die of all: the d6. Non-Gamers sometime look very confused when they speak about dice … Continue reading

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Story Time: Infinity A Caledonian Tale 2 (Descent)

I still haven´t come round to finish the third part, but I hopefully will soon. So for you enjoyment part 2.  __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Descent A single bird was circling over the … Continue reading

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Observing Growth

Sometimes I feel more like an observer of other peoples life, than someone who is living his own. The last two days I attented a conference, something I haven´t done … Continue reading

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Haiku 05.02.2014

空之色(からのいろ) もう咲(さ)く花(はな)は 黎明(れいめい)に   Bereits blühende Blüten mit der Farbe des Himmels, in der Morgendämmerung   The morning sky, already blooming flowers with just this colour  

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Some Miniature Goodness. Dreadball and Infinity.

Today for some lighthearted miniature stuff. I have been playing a lot of Dreadball lately, and also some Infinity, which is even better. Even though I have been more gamemastering … Continue reading

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