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Some Miniature Goodness. Dreadball and Infinity.

Today for some lighthearted miniature stuff.

I have been playing a lot of Dreadball lately, and also some Infinity, which is even better. Even though I have been more gamemastering and giving demos for Infinity than actually playing. No matter I still love it every time I put down miniatures for this game.

January has been very productive in regards to painting: 31 miniatures in 31 days. I think it even is some personal record. The featured image shows all my painted Dreadball minis so far. A functional Robot team (The Game Changers), female Corporation (The Azure Amazons; with spare players), the first models for my Forge Fathers team (The Malachit Manglers; still waiting for the booster to arrive) and some MVPs and free agents. More to follow and sometime I will become a good Dreadball player along the way.


This month will not be as productive miniatures wise, as I only have managed two so far. Below we see an image of Isara Mar (who will be my version of Izzat Beg, I will not buy that mini; not even under threat of violence). Next to her is a part of my new camouflaged Sniper visible. As she is turning on her TO camo, you have to guess what the rest looks like. After painting so many Mantic stuff, going back to CB miniatures was hard, just too much detail:)



The last one here is my hero of the last game against Caledonia. To his left you can spot the remains of the SAS he put down. The SAS who threatened my victory to be precise. A shame the Bagh-Mari died to a T2 shot later…

Enough for now. So long.


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