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The Paint Pain: Firsts and hundreds

Yesterday I painted my onehundreth Infinity miniature (and 101 and 102), at least in a way. These three gentlemen are the ones: Yes, they all carry an HMG, which ups … Continue reading

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Time Dumps 101: Computer Games

Being a gamer, I like playing games. Computer games are of course on that list. By virtue of having a new computer, I finally can play some games, that I … Continue reading

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Something different: pictures

I am not a good photographer, I dabbled into it when I was young, but had to realise it isn´t for me. I am a great fan of good photography, … Continue reading

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Haiku 13.03.2014

This one was inspired just some minutes ago, by the awesomely beautiful magnolia tree outside of my house. Maybe I should take a picture of it… 暗(くら)さ中(なか) モクレン(もくれん)花弁(はなびら) 煌(こう)くる ________________ … Continue reading

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Haiku 03.03.2014

水配(みずくば)る 冷(つめ)たしき夜(よる) 赤車(あかぐるま) In der kalt gewordenen Nacht Das Wasser ungewohnt verteilt Auf dem roten Wagen Water unusually spread out On the red car Within the chilly night

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