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Time Dumps 101: Computer Games

Being a gamer, I like playing games. Computer games are of course on that list. By virtue of having a new computer, I finally can play some games, that I had to postpone for years.

First on the list is Dragon Age:Origins. Dragon Age

My old computer could run it, but the larger battles were, well, slow….mot….ion. So I fully intend to exploit the opportunity to play the game at its´ fullest. Especially as I bought the Ultimate Edition, with all Add-Ons and DLCs. There go some weeks of my life.

Another one is the Mass Effect series.Mass effect 2

Having heard all the good stuff about it (except for part 3), I am eager to start this one too, but that has to wait until Dragon Age is through.

As the title tells you X-Com was the first to be played, mostly for the virtue of being the first one to arrive at my place. This game is so awesome (well, not counting the moments, it cheats on you in Ironman mode), I had a hard time doing something else the last days. Which is not good as I totally neglected other duties (like posting more often around here e.g.), guess I have to summon some willpower from somewhere. As the first playthrough is now finished, I can turn my attention elsewhere, or can I?


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