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The Paint Pain: Firsts and hundreds

Yesterday I painted my onehundreth Infinity miniature (and 101 and 102), at least in a way. These three gentlemen are the ones:


Yes, they all carry an HMG, which ups the firepower of my Aleph army considerably. Yet, in a technical sense they are not the ones who broke the 100 miniatures barrier. This went down somewhere along the way, when I painted part of the Yu Jing army of a friend of mine. Here are some pictures of some of them:

CG1 Crane und Sun Mäntel O-Yoroi Zhanshi

All in all I painted around some 50+ miniatures for him. Which was my first time ever to do commission painting. It was a strange feeling to paint for money, instead of painting just for oneself. I am still not sure if it kinda ruined the idea of the creative process, by tainting it with money. Money which bought different miniatures mostly, so money well spent, but still. As usual I have no idea were I am going with this, so let´s return to painting.

I really should do more of it in the near future, the pile seems to grow every day. Here are some of the ones waiting on my desk to be coloured:

Rest Infinity Sonstiger Kram

There also is a bunch of new Aleph troops on the way, as I finally found some people playing the Paradiso campaign. Hooray, just more painting to come. Especially as Infinity still holds the record for the being the only wargame ever, that I only have played with painted miniatures:)

Till then.


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