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Why I prefer Fantasy; also traditional clothes

Once more I fall short of posting on a regular basis, well this time I have at least a partially legal excuse. Last week I started a new job, a … Continue reading

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Paradiso story: 101 Incursion in the Niemandszone

`Dropship in Place, Deployment commences on orders, Unit Gar-03ξ-001 on Standby.` Blinking away the message with a flicker of his eye, Eleftherios took a look at the rocks before him. … Continue reading

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Campaign Paradiso Day 1. Aleph 101

For a long time now, I´d wanted to play the Paradiso campaign. I even bought some miniatures especially for it, when I bought the book back then. Due to a … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: New projects and old one revived

I have acquired some new Infinity toys, as you can see in the here repeated image: This is by far the largest heap of miniatures I purchased in one go, … Continue reading

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