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The Paint Pain: New projects and old one revived

I have acquired some new Infinity toys, as you can see in the here repeated image:


This is by far the largest heap of miniatures I purchased in one go, well measured within the last year at least. We all know that there were much larger heaps in my active GW days… By now the number of Infinity miniatures to be painted, has risen quite high. Still the Aleph ones will take precedence, because I finally can play the Paradiso campaign! Aleph is the drug of choice for this go and Infinity is still the only game I managed to play exclusively with painted miniatures. I don´t want to break that record, therefore a lot of painting is inbound. Especially this one is going to drive me crazy:Marut

I fully intend to protocol my campaign progress, so I hope for more hobby related content here soon. So keep connected.


Another matter is this lady:


With these finally in my custody, my Yu Jing project can take off. I intend to protocol this one as well. I am eager to see how well it all works out. In my head it already looks awesome.

See you around.


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