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Paradiso story: 101 Incursion in the Niemandszone

`Dropship in Place, Deployment commences on orders, Unit Gar-03ξ-001 on Standby.`

Blinking away the message with a flicker of his eye, Eleftherios took a look at the rocks before him. It was almost dawn and the light slowly crept downwards on the jungle around him. Light rain was falling, it made him…eager.

“Selene, report!”

“14, maybe 15 hostiles in the zone. Objectives ahead at 10, 12 and 2. Deployment orders confirmed. Secure with extreme prejudice.”

“Spotted hostile on 12, Identification human, Troop Profile Keisotsu, heavy Armament.”

That was the voice of Sri, the Naga never failed to only submit vital information. With a thought he ordered the deployment of the Garuda.

“Kumatra prepare for break for central objective. I clear the path. Zeus may watch.”

He barely acknowledged the affirmation of the Sophotect, as he threw smoke around the rocks. Running into it he switched his orientation to sound and memory. Jerking up his weapon he runs from the cloud, his blood now full with anticipation and rage.

With a cry of defiance he emerges from the smoke again, running through the open ground towards the cover before him. His opponent realises his ploy to late and is hit by several bullets, as he tries to raise his weapon in time.

“One down.”


Eleftherios almost screams into the com, as he ducks from the bullets impacting in his cover. Rising up he spots his enemies comrade, slightly further back, beside a rock formation. Both raise their weapons but the Myrmidon is faster. The human tumbles backwards with his chest full of lead.

“Two down, Kumatra move in.”


“Affirmative, disabling mine.”

As she spoke the words a pair of bullets flies past Eleftherios position. A small explosion follows. He hadn´t seen that one. Anger welled up inside him.


`Reaching combat zone. Enemy fire detected.`

The message from the Garuda, made him activate his tactical overlay. A small map of the surroundings appeared on his left eye, not obstructing his vision, but enough to assess the situation.

A new contact just had appeared close to the Garudas position.

“Thermooptic on 10.”

Actually there was no need to transmit this to his troops, all of them were linked into the stream anyway. Still he practiced to do it.

Some seconds later the Garuda reported three hostiles down, before he stopped transmitting.

“Objective is on 10. Moving into position.”


As soon as Kumatra made this transmission, she was hit by a projectile. Without hurry she ducked behind some rocks.

“Attack by human assailant, Identification Troop type Aragoto.”

With a supressed cry of rage Eleftherios started to fire. The biker had to come around the rocks before him, if he wanted to get to Kumatra. He wasn´t disappointed.

The engines drowned out the rain and bullets, so fast he came around the corner. Despite it jerking powerfully in his arms, Eleftherios held his highly powered weapon steady. A bullet strayed his face and the crates to his feet were holed, but his shot was true. The bullet went straight into the collarbone and did not re-emerge. Violently torn from his bike the man flew to the ground and didn´t move.

“Three for me. Kumatra move on.”

“Reading hostile movement on left flank. Thermoptic back in movement.”

The Deva transmitted with the proper disinterest, what it could read on her scanners.

“Kumatra hold.”


“Selene, take it out.”

´Impact detected, applying defense protocols.´

Linking into the data feed of the remote, he saw the heavy projectiles, from the remotes machine gun, tearing of the leg from a wavering shape.

“I take this order cancelled?”

“Yes, Kumatra, move.”

Scanning the grounds before him, he didn´t bother with the missing Affirmation of the Sophotect.

“Engaging hostile, Profile Keisotsu.”

The sound of gunfire transmitted well over the rain.


“Hostile down. Accessing objective. Data present, ET 30 seconds.”

“Good. Selene cover the retreat. I go in.”

“Affirmative Zayin deployed.”


Eleftherios jumped over the remnants of the crate and hurled a grenade, towards the nearest jungle. There had been movement. Taking to his stealth training he advanced through the bushes, until he heard the sound of someone breathing. With a short jump he landed next to her. Unsheathing his blade, he could see her surprise. With a quick strike he gutted her deeply. Ripping his sword upwards, it came free around her shoulder. Soundless she slipped to the ground. Something felt odd about killing humans.

“Four for me.”

He ran out of the jungle to the position where he shot down the first one. Bullets greeted him. Shooting at the lone soldier, who jumped into cover in response, he also sent some bullets towards a remote further back. A shower of sparks, was his reward. Once more his blood boiled. That was living.

“Five down.”

“Uplink failed, hostile hacker in vicinity.”


Cursing at Kumatras message, he came under fire from two directions. Smoking his position did not faze his enemies, so he fired back at the last position of his assailant. He heard a cry.

“Six dow…” He didn´t end the message as his throat was torn out along with most of his skull.


She saw Eleftherios Icon go dark, again.

“This is Selene, I take command of the mission. Antolius break for 2. Zayin deployed to cover your flank. Kumatra attempt link asap, Tarana, Sran standby for Hacker interdiction.”

No one affirmed the general orders, as the change of command, had been effected immediately, after Eleftherios went out of order.


“Hostile uplink attempt, blocking ineffective.”

“Second that, protocols are disrupted.”

Taranas´ and Srans´ message was dire, might they have failed?


“Interference prevented enemies transmission, Hacker located.”


Quickly she adjusted the remotes path to attack the Hackers location, shortly after it reported him down.

“Antolius, status?”

“Heavy encryption over here. Need more time.”

“Negative, Kumatra start.”

“Affirmative. Uplink in 120.”


The icon of the remote went dark in front of her. Quickly she crouched low and peered through the jungle.

“Antolius, hostile en route your position.”

“I see it, engaging.”

This was the last thing she heard of him.

“Sri prepare for flanking assault.”



The assault never came.

“Uplink complete.”

Reported Kumatra.

“Succesfully disrupted enemies data storage, data secured.”

“Well done Tarana, Sri, Sran cover me for extraction.”




An hour later Eleftherios opened his eyes again. Immediately straining his cold muscles, he sat up straight. The first thing was checking his kill count. Still number one on this detachment. Second thing was to check for the post mission report. Then he requested immediate dispatch back to the frontlines. There still was much to do.





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