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Why I prefer Fantasy; also traditional clothes

Once more I fall short of posting on a regular basis, well this time I have at least a partially legal excuse. Last week I started a new job, a small one with only a short turnaround time, before it is over again, but still there was a lot to do, well as new jobs go I guess.

For specifically undisclosed reasons, I am painting some Halodynes at the moment. I haven´t taken any pictures but these are the guys: Godslayer_Models_Halodynes_Hoplites

Hopefully I will be done with them this week, in order to move on. Knowing that I will not use them very often on the field of battle (Godslayer, is not a wargame for me, the Fluff is awesome, yet the game not my type of flavour) and my constant aggravation, because the metal is so malleable, that the spears deform from an accidentaltouch during painting, were both reasons that I did not enjoy the process very much.

Besides that the models are nicely detailed and capture the idea of the Greek Hoplite, quite well. That also is my problem. For my taste they are too close to the historical truth. Godslayer is not a historical wargame, still they are too similar, or at least similar to the common perception/image of the Greek Hoplite.

Why is this? I tend to stay away from historical wargames. One reason is the preceived need for accuracy. I would feel obliged to paint them close to the original uniforms. The more important thing is probably human idiocy.

When I play in a fantasy setting and pitch my e.g. Wood Elves against a horde of whatever Evil (or good, no one says that Elves need to be good), I know that it is part of a battle for survival. For the most part factions in fantasy settings, fight to completly eradicate each other, or represent fundamental ideas or concepts (good, evil, chaos, order…). There is a reason to their fighting, one which goes beyond simple bloodshed (okay, sometimes that is the reason). In a way these battles mean something.

Real history is full of wars, which were totally pointless or fought about the most trivial of things. Also there were wars born out of arrogance, envy and greed. Which are all no reasons at all to vanquish life. The question of righteous wars etc, are not a thing to discuss this time. It can be argued that there were necessary wars during history, given. And I in no way want to diminish or belittle the valour of any warrior or soldier who has laid down his life in defence of what they thought was right. Which is a completly different problem altogether.

Maybe it also is the thought that actual people have died during these wars, that prevent me from playing historical stuff.

On of my next projects put me somewhere in the middle ground of these problems. The game called Kensei. Which is a Japano-Fantasy setting, which has quite historically accurate  models:


half-historical ones:


and supernatural ones:


The last one puts it into the fantasy box, which is good for me. Besides there are samurai, so what´s not to love:) Time will tell, how well it´ll work out.


On the second matter, which can be gleaned from the top picture of this post.

Some days ago I was witness to a wedding party. All male attendants wore suits (which I think is one of the most boring things, that ever were inventend for males to wear), while all females wore Sari, a traditional Indian gown. That made me think about the dress code. For some reason many cultures kept their traditional clothing for females, while replacing the male one with the western suit, at least in public.

In specific settings people clinge to their traditional clothes as well, but mostly in private surroundings. The image of wealth and progression that is attached to the business suit, just baffles me. But then I am quite loathing of the current global economy and it´s focus on the most unimportant thing ever inventend. That might be for another time.

I guess what I wanted to say, is that I am glad that there are still places people wear traditional clothes. It reminds us were we come from (sometimes things we are glad are over, true) and, more important, that we are a diverse people. Which is good.


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