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The Paint Pain: Just an Update

So as promised the Marut is ready. As one can see I did some conversion work, but I really like this more slender version. I love painting robots and machines, … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Progress and Intentions

So I managed to get in some painting these days, probably to distract me from my real problems, still painted stuff comes around, so I guess it is okay. Today … Continue reading

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Haiku 18.05.2014

大(おほ)きき樹(き) 三青(さんあお)し一(ほとつ) 紅(くれない)ぞ Vor mir große Bäume Drei in grün, einer allein in tiefem Rot Among the large trees three shine green, one alone glows in red

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A thing about pain

I have an experiment for you. Think of someone you like, preferably someone you like dearly. Now think of something they did to hurt you, inadvertly or not. Think about … Continue reading

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The Disco Fox

No, not the standard ballroom dance (which does not include the Disco Fox, only the Foxtrot, from which it derived), so technically it should be yes and not no, at … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Godslayer, Kensei and Infinity

As everyone can see, I prevailed from my Godslayer painting experience. The above shown Demarchon, was one of the nicer parts, epecially the cape was fun. By contrast these guys, … Continue reading

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Haiku 07.05.2014

古石垣(こいしがき) に通(かよ)ひている 一石無(いっしな)し In der alten Steinmauer, die ich so oft passiere fehlt ein einzelner Stein. A stone missing, in the often passed old wall of stone.

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