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The Paint Pain: Godslayer, Kensei and Infinity

DemarchonSein ganzer Stolz

As everyone can see, I prevailed from my Godslayer painting experience. The above shown Demarchon, was one of the nicer parts, epecially the cape was fun. By contrast these guys, were quite hellish to paint:


Well, I never have to paint another one of them. Which, from a tactical point of view, is a shame, because a second unit of these would be quite useful. Yet, I do not double miniatures in a skirmish game, especially not ones, which are made of such friggin soft metal. Seriously, I regularly bent the spears, just by touching them during painting. Arghh.

These girls were a nice contrast:

Priesterin (2)Orakel

Even though they also exemplify the problems Megalith has with their sculptors. The Priestess (the left one) is a very nicely detailed, small miniature (detailed to the point, where the soft metal, makes it impossible to properly remove the flash), and she is actually the one which I thought about buying, without getting into the game. The Oracle is also nicely detailed, but her face is just twice the size compared to the Priestess one. Dudes, get you relations straight.

The last one here is a Freebooter Miniature, which I will use as a Familiar, as I can´t buy the official one, for aesthetical reasons, that is: Familiar

I also managed to finish two more of my Aleph miniatures. Now that I finally have access to more Myrmidons, my opponents will hate my Aleph even more, hehehe.

MyrmidonenMyrmidonen Seite

Last but not least, I finished the first two Kensei miniatures. I decided to go for a L5R inspired colour scheme, because they also shall find use as rpg models.

Kensei 1Kensei 2

So a lot of pictures and not much talk today, maybe another time.

See ya.

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