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The Paint Pain: Progress and Intentions

So I managed to get in some painting these days, probably to distract me from my real problems, still painted stuff comes around, so I guess it is okay.

Today I´ll borrow the good camera to show the latest stuff, till then some words about my Yu Jing project.


So far I managed to prime all of them, four as it is of now, and finished most of their bases. This is the first time I actually use resin bases, so I am intrigued how that will work out. I acquierred some more of the bases recently, so the only thing which stands in my way of playing Yu Jing is my fear of my chosen colour sheme:) (Well, and money, obviously)

I say fear because I want to try several new things with these and have no idea if it will work out. Hopefully we´ll find out soon.

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