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The Paint Pain: Just an Update

So as promised the Marut is ready. As one can see I did some conversion work, but I really like this more slender version.

Marut FrontMarut 1Marut hintenMarut Kopf

I love painting robots and machines, the clear lines make everything so much simpler.

Not planned but my Haaqislam army got some additions (well, there are seven more of them on my table, but I didn´t plan to paint any this month); finally a painted Barid (so now my proxying Ghulam may get some rest); and the 2. Az´rail (finally a Link Team in QK).

Barid und Az´rail

I also painted my two newest additions to my Imperial Armada for Freebooter´s Fate. Both are Proxies as I don´t like the original models, but I only proxy with miniatures of the same manufacturer (for the greates part, you could say that I try to that, at least). So here are my Rouchelle (Theresa) and Deirdre (First Mate).

DamenkränzchenRouchelle 3Deirdre 2

Lover of Fluff that I am I wrote a little bit background for everyone in my Armada (the two above still excluded, yet); if anyone is interested, it can be found here (only in German though): http://freebooterminiatures.de/de/forum/2650

On another matter I found an intriguing way to photograph miniatures, maybe I´ll experiment with it some more:

SchwertDie Hand

Another day I´ll talk more about that, so long everyone.

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