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Haiku 08.06. & 09.06. 14

Well the inspiration for the second one, came from the desolated streets after we had quite a massive storm last week. I hope someone likes them.   08.06. 駅の窓 鳩弐羽を座す … Continue reading

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Paradio 102: Activation and Triangulation

It took me two months, but now I finally played the next mission of the Paradios campaign. Sadly none of us had a camera on hand, therefore no pictures (sorry). … Continue reading

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A Motto a Week:Recurring motions

I think every week should have a motto. Something which tells it apart from other weeks. From now on I will try to find on for every week. This one … Continue reading

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Haiku 03.06.2014

Im Abendlicht Ein Rosenkopf in dunkelrot Mitten auf dem Weg   In the light of dusk A rose of dark red Upon the sidewalk   夕陽影(ゆうひかげ) 紅野薔薇(くれないのばら) 道之上(みちのうえ)

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