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A Motto a Week:Recurring motions

I think every week should have a motto. Something which tells it apart from other weeks. From now on I will try to find on for every week. This one was the week of recurring motion. Not in the way that one repeats the same motions, but the event of being in the same place again.

This Friday I went into town early. Together with two friends I wanted to eat a fresh roasted duck. Well it didn´t work out, we will try again next week. The interesting thing is that I was in the same spot, partly walking the same path, some hours later, as I was visiting a friend for a boardgame evening.

Earlier this week I stayed overnight at some friends, he drove me as close as he could to the next train station. It was in a different city, but he had to go there as well that morning. Later that day I worked in the same city and on my way back walked a part of the same exact path that I took the same morning.

Walking the same location twice in one day felt somehow odd. I mean back when I used to have a regular work schedule I also saw the same places again and again. Yet I only walked one direction once per day, that is a difference.

I advise you to do this sometime, go somewhere early in the morning, then go there again several hours later. Also do it with a different agenda(and not for the sake of this experiment). See how different the surroudings seem to be. They are all familiar of course, but mostly we are eused to se a specific place only once a day and then under specific circumstances (e.g. when coming from work in the preveneing or even dusk). Literally seeing things under a different light will change your perceptions of a place. Really tryto brighten your world with such an experience.

Also this will produce a powerful sense of Déjà vu, which is an interesting feeling in itself.

See ya soon.


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