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The Notion of Home

A powerful word. Invoked by people, governments and literature all around the globe. Yet no language or dictionary can actually grasp the meanings and nuances, which are included in the … Continue reading

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Haiku: 8/9.7.14

工事岡(こうじおか) 嵐(あらし)の雨(あめ)で 川生(かわい)きる   Nach dem Regen des Sturms Entspringt ein Fluss Auf dem Baustellenhügel   In the storm´s aftermath A river flourishs On the hill of the construction   … Continue reading

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Something of an Apology

I haven´t posted here in a while and I am sorry about that. Partly that has been due to me playing to much computer games (see Time dumps 101, even … Continue reading

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