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Something of an Apology

I haven´t posted here in a while and I am sorry about that. Partly that has been due to me playing to much computer games (see Time dumps 101, even though Mass Effect is long passe and Deus Ex: Human Revolution took the brunt of two weeks of spare time, of my life), partly because June generally passed by in haste ( I still don´t know where the time went?) and thirdly, because I once more messed up in matters of the heart.

Once more I managed (this time at least only almost) to lose my heart to a woman, who has no interest in me whatsoever. Being as I am I do not want to sacrifice our friendship (young as it may be) to my misguided (seems like a odd word here) feelings. So I am trying to adjust my life seeing here together with a friend of mine (who I see on a regular basis, and also I totally am happy for him, his search for a woman was, well… littered with desasters). It hurts, but there was a time I thrived on pain, maybe I should relearn to do that. If only unlearning it hadn´t been so painful…

I sincerely hope that I will post more here again. Many thanks to all of you, who actually read this.


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