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The Paint Pain: X-Wing

Some of you out there probably noticed the existence of X-Wing the Miniatures Game. Well, I did:) It took me a while but I finally bought some of these guys (okay some frustration speeded up the process, but without frustration induced buys half of the gaming companies would be broke).

Being as I am, I couldn´t let the miniatures be by themselves and repainted all of them. The basic paintjob in these guys is totally okay and the best pre-painted I have ever encountered, still it wouldn´t do. In most cases there are only smaller changes, but sometimes I fully redid the whole flyer.

By the way, the game ist awesome. May the 4.th be with you.

HWKGreen WingFalke 2Falke 1E-WingDefenderB-WimgBomberA-WingX-WingLambda AntriebUmgemalten


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