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Home, fatherhood and similar feelings, also the problem with new jobs

Another long pause, I really seem to be a bad blogger. Two weeks ago I started a new job, which is great after almost three years of partial unemployment. As new jobs go they eat up a lot of spare time, not mentioning the search for a new apartment to live in. Currently I am driving over 4 hours a day to and from work, which is just too much in the long run.

Friday I was visiting the first two possible apartments. Which brings me back to the feeling of home, because I am about to return to my city of birth. The shrinks always talk about the importance of childhood etc, but you can´t deny the power of home. Just walking down the hills, getting in a proper rain (which is not a rare think in this city) evoked feelings of belonging.

One of the houses visited was still full of furniture, as the previous occupant died unexpectedly. The first thing that caught the eye was the map of the Soviet Union. It brought me to think about how much an apartment tells you about a person. That is not a surprising thing after all, but helps to reflect how much we design our homes to radiate a certain appearance to our guests. 

Try it out. Take a tour through your place and ask yourself which of the things visible are there specifically to generate a certain impression on visitors. Go ahead, you´ll be surprised.

Another strange thing happened in one of my rpg groups. The characters had a meeting at which they discussed their mutual problems. It was heartwarming to see how all players invested into their role and the characters. I was proud of them as players and as characters, I guess that is a shadow of what it feels like to be a father. Someday I will know. The sad part was I also felt excluded from them, as I was not part of this circle. I brought it about, but I couldn´t share in it. 


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