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A little bit of hobby with unrelated thoughts in between.

So where to start, well I did have an awesome game with my new transport, which can be seen here: Some close encounters were flown and the transport really added … Continue reading

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A bow to democracy

As I finally post here again, there is nothing to do but take a bow towards Hong Kong. It is good to see that there are still people around fighting … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: More X-Wing

Once more I could not prevent me from painting more of my X-Wing ships, also some converting was done. Now I am curious how the big one, will play himself;)

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Haiku 27.09.2014

Vor dem gelben Haus Ein gelbes Auto im Morgennebel 黄家前(きいえまえ) 黄色車(きいろぐるま) 朝霞(あさかすみ)に Before the yellow house a yellow car within morning mist

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