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A little bit of hobby with unrelated thoughts in between.

So where to start, well I did have an awesome game with my new transport, which can be seen here:



Some close encounters were flown and the transport really added something different to the game (it survived with 1 Hull Point by the way, so victory for the Rebels). I still somewhat dislike the reduced size of the GR-75, but it holds itstelf well on the board.

In other things my new job startsto become somewhat like routine, well not completly yet, but it is on the way. By now I could help some people find a new job, which is something I really value about my current occupation. That you have to navigate a lot of bureaucracy and need to put up with some bad attitude, is the fkip side. The money is also good, so I guess it is fair game. All in all 3 hours of travel time to and from work sucks, though.

Thanks to the money I was able to do something I haven´t done in a long time. Jumping straight ahead into a new game:


This most of my new Warzone: Resurrection Cybertronic army. The german games fair (SPIEL) saw Prodos Games, with some really nice prizes and the improved miniature quality, paired with some chummers, who already have some, I jumped in. Currently I am priming some of them and this evening we put up our first game. So more to follow.

New projects are always cool, there is this…thing about starting something new, that can not be liked to anything else. It just feels good, on the other hand ending a project totally sucks 🙂 A lot of my projects are not getting much to any attention right now. Working takes up time, too bad I guess. At the same time, when I were unemployed I had the time, but not the motivation. Right now a lot of that also disappears when I am at home in the evenings, especially for the computer related stuff (e.g. writing another novel, 5 beginnings are on my harddrive already), as I look at computer screens most of the day.

I will have to overcome this, just as my burnings from the last woman I was somewhat with, in order to get going. Projects abound but the guts to see them through are mostly lacking right now.

In between jumps a game of Infinity:

Board setup last Infinity game

Played on this board. Two games to be exact (1 loss – totally stupid use of Imitators, 1 win – T.A.G.s rule), and once more my love for this game became apparent.

None of my latest poetry is finalized yet, so nothing from that direction today, sorry.



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