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Día de los Muertos


yesterday was the Day of the Dead, which I duly celebrated with some friends at a tavern. The day before we had a little horror rpg session, which also turend out rather well.

Most holidays I strictly ignore, especially the religious ones, yes I know that Samhain is a religious holiday, for some reason I like these two.

I even actually did think about all the people I knew that passed away, to be honest writing this made me remember another person. A woman with whom I studied and even wrote some essays together. We got along quite well, maybe because we were older than the average student, when we started University. It does good to think about what´s past and who, everyone leaves a mark on us, how little it may be.

There was this boy in school with whom I almost came to blows several times, and one time we did. After that our relationship improved, but we never were close. Some years later he died of leucemia, even though I didn´t know that at the time. What is the morale of that, don´t know, life doesn´t have one.

Just keep remembering.


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