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Full Circle One


it has been a year now this since I started this blog as an experiment.

It certainly helped shaping me as a poet. Having a place to publish them did create some pressure to work on them. I am not satisfied with all of them, and there is much to learn still, but I am looking forward to it.

In regard to my short stories and scientific works, it did not create the push I wanted to achieve. Too many other things happened. Well, we´ll see about that.

In regard to my painting and hobby projects it was quite nice, yet there is much I didn´t finish. I did find employment some month ago, together with three side jobs, this limits my time considerably. Still I am satisfied here:)

To the numbers, I have over 100 likes and 55 followers, for a blog which I do not advertise for, I think these are good numbers. I never intended to count these things, but hey numbers are cool.

I still did not find the time to visit all of your sites and blogs, but I will, I promise.

So stay connected.


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