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Haiku 28.11.2014




Die roten und blauen Wolken des Morgens

Spiegeln sich

In den Fenstern gegenüber

The morning clouds of red and blue


Within the windows


5 comments on “Haiku 28.11.2014

  1. Kurt Brindley ✍ ✄ ✍
    November 30, 2014

    Beautiful. Thank you for the English. It’s interesting to see how google translates the Japanese and the German as compared to your wonderfully rendered English version.

    • asreon
      November 30, 2014

      Thank you for the comment. I render the English and German version differently from the original, as I try to focus on the feeling and not let myself be restrained by the sylllabels in these two languages.

      • Kurt Brindley ✍ ✄ ✍
        November 30, 2014

        Such a talent you have. I’ve been around Japan all my adult life and I can barely stumble through some of the basics. Not to mention your other languages…Awesome.

      • asreon
        December 11, 2014

        Thank you very much for the laurels, yet I have to decline the praise. I have no talent at all for languages.I had to struggle very hard to achieve a decent level of Japanese. One of the best things about Japanese poetry is that is has more to do with learning and knowing than talent. So don´t give up.

      • Kurt Brindley
        December 11, 2014

        Roger that.

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