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Quite a long time since my last post. Well too much talking on the job will do that to you, with which I mean a high inhibition to communicate in your spare time. That really sucks because all my writing projects are pretty much on hold.
I do entertain several rpg groups though, which is fun but starts to be wearing as I have not much time left to actually recharge.
Miniatures wise I jumped into Warzone: Ressurection (meaning I spend over 200 € in one go for them), by now I gave painted up almost half of my models. Even though pretty much to the lowest standard I ever painted anything. I realized that a system which demands of me to paint several dozens miniatures, just does not get much painting time from me. I just have too many other things to do. (Painting Infinity Miniatures for example).
I also played some more cool games of X-wing, but more of playing later, first some music.

Sorry to everyone who now expected a music video;)
Yesterday, on my way to Kiel (a niece city in northern Germany, I can advertise a visit), I was waiting at the train station (for a train which was cancelled actually, great so much for taking a train early in order not to be late) and a group of people there started singing. At first I was irritated, but then I switched off my mp3 player (which I funnily hadn´t used for about a year prior to yesterday) and listened. I have no idea what song they were singing, but they were good. The tunnel at the station made a surprisingly good auditorium, maybe they even knew and that is why they chose the spot.
Hearing real, directly sung music is something rather rare today. So I savoured it and saluted them mentally. I shortly entertained the thought of speaking to them, but I didn´t. Why?
I decided to take this as a symbol of still existing human kindness. These people didn´t get anything for singing there (at least I am quite sure that they didn´t) they just came by to celebrate their art. Which is awesome, too few people enjoy art these days and forget what it can be and how delivering it can be.
Music has been called the language of the soul. How sad that I don´t speak it. I tried to learn an instrument several times, but failed miserably. Could go back to my school lessons were my musical affinity was about, let´s say, -12, and everyone knew it. I really should give it another go.
In the same way I need a new soundtrack, I regularly remind myself to listen to more music, yet fail to do so. As Nietzsche said: “Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrtum.”
Also I need a new soundtrack for writing. When I wrote the novel, I almost exclusively heard a certain album from Leaves Eyes. Now when I hear a song from it I am reminded of that writing experience. I need a new one to start writing again.
Intermezzo: Why don´t you take your time and think about important music in your life?

Back to gaming. X-Wing, I somehow still like flying Empire more than flying Rebels. I really like the needed synergy of imperial flyers. Even though the 3 A-Wing list I did last week was also sweet, but has one distinct Achilles Heel, the Phantom, which my opponent of course had…
I don´t like that some of the new things are almost a must have in X-Wing, yes everything has counters, e.g. Han just laughs about Phantoms, as he blasts them from the sky before they fire, but some ships are just toast against it. (Rolling on average no evades on three dice didn´t help either though).
Still three A-Wings was fun, as was my 2 Bombers, Krassis Trelix list; 2 Protonbombs in one round were glorious.

Warzone. Nice game buid up on the Mutant Chronicles Fluff from the 90es, treats every models individually, yet uses units. Balancing is shit, but well meant. Has some nice additions with resource cards being necessary to use some units ability, and play other cards that affect units or the battlefield. As your pool of resources refreshes each turn, you have to think well about activating what. I like that. The fact that every unit has it´s own special rules, well see balancing.


On last news I have attended the Yukon, a local Anime and Manga convention, were we did promote Tabletops (mostly Infinity and Malifaux, which really has a way with girls obviously. It was nice even though not too many people were interested in wargaming.

I also learned how easily you jade against short skirts and was surprised when a girl which I assessed to be twenty turned out to be 14, whew. We saw some nice cosplays (including girls who could wear their sailor moon dresses without, well, you know) and I was reminded how lighthearted and open people this crowd is composed of. One girl there inspired me to a poem which I gave her, but she has not commented on that yet.

Addendum: I was presented with a classic Sci-Fi novel by my friends: The Moon is a harsh mistress by Robert A. Heinlein. It has been some time since I read a novel and it is really good Sci-Fi, so give it a go.



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