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N3 Infinity Projects

As promised a picture of my rulebook:DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA

I never understood why people do this, but a lot of people seem to like it so.

So far the rules I´ve read are very much to my liking. Apart from some minor issues I am totally pleased with the direction Corvus Belli took with the new rules. The design of the book is also in order and tries to be very intuitive, despite such things that climbing and jumping are not in a movement section, well…

As this very blog does suffer from my little spare time, so do my Infinity projects: DIGITAL CAMERA

These are just the ones still to be build, and they will remain like this for a while, because I have no army to use them in, yet. I am a very specific painter and only build and paint up miniatures I intend to use, ideally in the near future. My Infinity gaming is very sporadic:( and I want to keep the record it being the only wargame I ever played only with painted miniatures, additionally limits me.

Here are pictures of my current Infinity projects (even though the Morat once more tease me: http://www.infinitythegame.com/article.php?id=5), my Qapu Khalqi:


As you can see the colours of the Corregidor elements do not match the Haqq ones, it will be a challenge to tie these together with barely filled bases, we´ll see. BTW I love the Iguana:) My Janissary conversion once more reaffirmed my doubts about CAD models, the arms just do not fit.

Here is the start of their outpost, here the intermingling of the colours also will be very tricky, as I am very pleased with the walls, but want to keep the grey on the buildings.


Till then, keep connected.


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