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First N3 and some other thoughts (not related at all)

So as the title suggestsI came around to play my first games of N3 today. I met a nice bunch of people, who live not too far from myself, who have launched themselves at the game. Maybe this time I will be able to finish this blasted campaign, which totally did not work out earlier this year (mumble, mumble).


So some pictures of the board and setup, sadly only of my first game, where my Haqqis defeated the arrogant PanOceanians. I have to say that my Ragik was a beast, both Tuareg did a very thorough job and my Djanbazan hacked like there was no tomorrow (well, she did get shot by a fusilier). It was an interesting game, even though it ended quite one-sided with 7-1 or something. My opponent did make some bad mistakes as he wasn´t very experienced, but he asked me specifically to not hold back.

My second game went similar, only that here my Aleph proceeded to squash in some Morat heads, again stupid mistakes on both sides were made, yet dumb bad luck was a great part. E.g. the Morat failed 5 times in a row at a 1-10 roll, it wasn´t funny, I missed a 1-18 shot in return though.

What to say N3 really brings in a fresh wind. Command tokens are very cool and a lot of dodges against flamers and mines were made. Hacking is a little bit like a magic phase. All in all I am pleased so far and wait impatiently for more profiles:)

My Qapu Khalqi makes progress and I already have finished two of the gals in this picture: DIGITAL CAMERA

The other ones hopefully following tomorrow.


We had the first snow this year and I seem to have deleted my pictures of it:( When I was young I used to have snow on my birthday, guess global warming is a myth.

I was happy about it. Still I am in a strange depressed state of lately. Even though by now I decided which book to write next I am totally not able to sit down and write. Four articles for the magazine I write for are unfinished, my board game project is on hold, I haven´t written a short story in ages and I still slack finishing this translation that I said I do in may. For some reason my desktop is my motivation killer. I have to find a way around that.

On other notes. Are there any other people who are not used to use subways? As I am surely not.

Till later maybe next year, maybe this.


2 comments on “First N3 and some other thoughts (not related at all)

  1. 40kterminatus
    December 30, 2014

    Looks like you had loads of fun😃

  2. asreon
    January 1, 2015

    We surely did;)

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