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Almost healthy again and next part of story (still German)

Tag 7 Hǎiān warf sich den Rucksack auf den Rücken und nahm die letzte Tasche in die Hand. Sie bedauerte etwas ihr Quartier räumen zu müssen. Sie hatte protestiert, aber … Continue reading

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Scenery Chaos 5.09: District 5

Today I got my hands on my new, and first, gaming mat. I must say quality is really good. I am looking forward to playing on it. Back to bed, … Continue reading

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Still sick, but here is the next part, even though still in German

Tag 2 0600 imperiale Standardzeit, 0330 lokale Zeit. Die blinkende Einblendung auf ihrer Retina weckte Hǎiān aus ihrem Schlummer. Ihr Kiefer tat immer noch weh. Als sie sich aus dem … Continue reading

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Being sick and storytime

My all high intentions of writing more here have been thwarted by a current sickness. It has been a while since I was seriously ill and I hate it. Especially … Continue reading

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Regarding Regards

Well, I should write about a certain incident, somehow I feel that I should, yet holding true to my maxim (don´t say something which no one needs), I won´t, directly … Continue reading

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A thing about subways

I was born in the city with the 世界一番のモノレール, picture is up there, find it if you like. I used it to travel to and from school all my younger … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: New Years Infinity Project

So happy new year everybody. I trust all of you came over well into this new era of…something will turn up, I am sure. This is a picture of what … Continue reading

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