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A thing about subways

I was born in the city with the 世界一番のモノレール, picture is up there, find it if you like. I used it to travel to and from school all my younger years. I eschewed using trains, buses and taxis (Taxen in German) whenever I could.

To this day I do not feel well in subways. Having moved away from my town of birth, even though working there atm, I am bound to use subways and trains and buses (Taxen I still eschew). Getting used to trains took awhile and buses are always a gamble if it as good ride, but I came to terms with these.

Not so with subways. I still don´t like them. The stations are neat, warm in winter, cool in summer, well sometimes full of broken bottles and puke (humans, what can you do?). Using subways still fills me with some kind of dread. Maybe it is the darkness. In all other venues of transport I can see, what is outside. I love to look at the landscape while driving and unlike driving a car, when sitting in a train you have plenty of time to look outside and enjoy the ride.

I sat in subways who had far more comfortable seats than my old old love (see above), whiche were better heated, or overcooled especially in Tôkyô, yet I never felt safe. Subways are relatively safe. A lot of emergency exits, lights everywhere and a generally solid structure, that will not collapse on you any moment.

Still I am disquieted. I think too much about many a horror story I read, played or saw and my mind is constantly at work, what may lurk there. The darkness holds sway about mankind for very long, why else do we try to make it go away with lights all around?

Try it next time you wait for a subway. Look into this black and think, feel and imagine what is looking back.


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