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Regarding Regards

Well, I should write about a certain incident, somehow I feel that I should, yet holding true to my maxim (don´t say something which no one needs), I won´t, directly at least. Quite everything that is to say about it has been said already, somewhere at least I am sure.

I want to talk about the regard for other people. Here is an example. In my country, where I much do like to live despite its glaring flaws, smoking is forbidden in trains, at train stations, in public buildings etc. the list goes on.

Here is the point. People who smoke shall take regard of people who don´t, thusly the prohibition on smoking in places where others can´t avoid the cancerous (and asthmatic etc.) exhalations. Score, if you ask me. Besides the fact that I get migraine from nicotin, I don´t wanna choke to death on lung cancer. One of my uncles did, that should be enough in one family. As it concerns me everyone has the right to choose the path of his own demise, as long as he does it without hurting other people. (Before anyone cramps up the gender police, it is generic language)

If someone wants to choke to death, fine by me, but I don´t want to stand in his poisonous clouds, when he is on the way. (Took me years to understand how that spell works in real life)

So it is an infringement on some peoples freedom (everyone who smokes), yet it protects even more peoples freedom (to be free from unwanted unhealty conduct). Quoting: The needs of the many…

Alas I have to go against this quote, hallowed as the source is, basically tempering with one persons freedom, can be reason enough to stop doing something.

I kinda got distracted. By now most people smoke on the way. As smoking in places full of people is forbidden, people smoke on the street. Not a great solution. I for one find myself regularly changing sides of the street to avoid clouds of drifting death. What I can´t stand at all, are the ones who smoke on the escalator (which technically is still in the station, where smoking is banned) putting everyone behind them in dismay. Thanks ******* for thinking about others.

If only everyone would think for a second about what his actions will do to another human being (or other animal), oh wow, would this world be a nice place.


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