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Farewell: Live long and prosper

Title says everything. Here is my part of farewell, I´d like to write more, but just now I can´t. Till later  

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Readings: Japanese History

Baring the afterword I just finished reading The Culture of Civil War in Kyoto by Mary Elizabeth Berry. It is not the newest book, but it really has a good … Continue reading

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Haiku: 29.11.2014

This one is a little older, I found it recently scrabbled on a piece of paper. 石(いし)之花(はな) 朝(あさ)之灰色(はいいろ) 紫弁(むらさきべん) ____________________ Blumen bei Steinen In der Gräue des Morgens purpurne Blüten … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Progress and Intentions

Hello again, I am somewhat proud of me that I manage to post at least once a week atm, there are not as many posts full of rambling, but at … Continue reading

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Guardians of the Silk Road: QK quick Battle Report

Greetings, today I managed to get in my first 300 point game with my QK, it was supremacy against the Steel Phalanx. We made some mistakes (stupid me) and it … Continue reading

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N3 Project: QK keeps growing

In between all my sickness I at least managed to get some painting done. Figures that once your head starts to clear and you do not have to cough at … Continue reading

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