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N3 Project: QK keeps growing

In between all my sickness I at least managed to get some painting done. Figures that once your head starts to clear and you do not have to cough at every word, you can be somewhat productive despite being ill. Not being completly healthy yet, I have mixed feelings about returning to work in roughly 12 from now, we will see.

My QK army has grown somewhat by now, as have my Warzone and Kensei armies, and I will take some pictures of painted ones soon. QK already has 22 painted ones by now, after all.

Today I got to open my Haqqislam support box and the Starter, also the old Doc Blister. I immediately proceeded to some arms swaps.


Okay the last one is no swap, as I already swaped him and the HMG guy, but I like the pose. I love converting and Infinity doesn´t makes that easy, because of the well fitting metal cast. I see that as a challenge though:)

What I really don´t like is the scale game CB is up to. Back in the 2005es I didn´t like the Infinity range. Too bulky for my tastes weird weapon positions etc, I jumped on the wagon in 2011, with the 2009+ Human Sphere models being prevelant and I was in love. There are no comparable, such finely detailed metal miniatures than the ones from this period. Especially the Aleph ones, so tiny. Awsome, even though a pain in the… to paint. When I got the Ghulam Hacker back then I was abhored, the guy was huge and grotesque compared to the newer sculpts, that´s why I abstained from a lot of models for a long time. It didn´t  fit together.

The new an old doc is a good example here, the old Ghulam Doc is a monster compared to the tiny one from the support pack. Which is an awesome example of how fine CB can work, if they want to. Where am I going with this?

CAD-design, has all the nice benefits everyone is talking about, yes. It also means everything gets ……… larger again, back to the old days. I hate it. I fell in love with the fine craftsmanship of CB sculptors and now they go back on their strength just to churn out more miniatures. For me that is a bad decision. I love the game, therefore they get the benefit of the doubt, but bad decisions start to pile up at CB, I hope they stop doing it.

And don´t get my started on limited miniature runs….


Till then


One comment on “N3 Project: QK keeps growing

  1. rexlogan
    February 2, 2015

    So far I’m not super concerned with scale creep, myself. There’s always been a fair but of variance between some of the models. Stand an Ariadna para commando next to something else and it looks big. Put it next to a foxtrot sniper and it looks ludicrous. But they’re not really ever going to be toe to toe for any length of time…

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