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Guardians of the Silk Road: QK quick Battle Report


today I managed to get in my first 300 point game with my QK, it was supremacy against the Steel Phalanx. We made some mistakes (stupid me) and it was a close call with some hillarius rolls.


As you can not clearly see in this bad picture there is an Iguana (one of the reasons I started the army…), a Najjarun, a Jannissary Doctor, a Mobile Brigade (Lt), a Djanbazan Hacker (Sekban), an Alquacil FO, 2 Hafza (FO, Spitfire), 2 Ghulam (Hacker, Missile) and a Yuan Yuan (own combat group).

I was up against:

Phoenix (Lt), Eudoros, 2 Myrmidons (Chain, Shotgun), Nessaie, 3 Thorakites (FO, Engineer, Rocket Launcher), Thrasymedes, Agema with Missile Launcer. Penthisilea, 2 Netrods (second group these three).

I do not have many pictures that is why I dump them now:


We had a very cool board, indeed. I won Initiative and elected to go first (not foregone choice in Supremacy). I split my army evenly and held my Iguana in reserve. He put down the two links on opposing sides, with Phoenix, the Agema and the Rocket Thorakites on good sniper positions. My Iguana went center, Thrasymedes did not infiltrate.

He took two orders from my pool and the first thing was my Yuan Yuan walking in, walking around the corner and chainrifling Nessaie and two others. All dodge, one dies (the Engineer), order pool spent, me happy.

The came the shootout Agema vs Link Team Hafza stood bad and died, Missile Launcher inflicted 6 wounds on Agema (of which he saved 4). A lot of people move up with a coordinated order, by which the Iguana loses a wound to the Thorakites with Rocket Launcher. Najjarn runs up and repairs, I was sure to lose the TAG, but he did it. Proceed to killing Thorakites. Iguana happy. A lot of moving to ssecure quadrants, thats all.

He starts Penthisilea goes on a run, dodges (i.e. is missed by) Iguana three times during it, puts a wound on the Yuan Yuan, and drives into CC with the Brigada, is shot during it (1 wound) and sticks Monoblade into Brigada, which rolls a 14 for armour. Phew, my Lt lives:)


Otherwise, Phönix pulverizes Ghulam Missile Launcher and takes up good Vantage point on high ground in the midfield. Thrasymeds hacks a console and goes suppressive.

Turn 2.

Djanbazan first Data Scans (1 Objective Point for me), then blasts away into CC to kill Penthi, he hits twice and downs her for good. By the way he missed his shot on 18, when she rounded the corner…

Iguana moves along the fence in the middle and has a hillarious shootout with Phönix and Eudoros. First order two shots on 8 against both, I hit all, he misses all four ARO shots, and makes three saves. Then Iguana keeps moving and two shots against Phönix 18, 18, Phönix retaliates 18,18. We took a brake here and gave us five.

Eudoros hits and Iguana saves.

Third order 4 shots against Phönix, still on 8: 10, 6, 8,8DIGITAL CAMERA

He doesnt crit and I finally can move freely. Otherwise the Brigada did not manage to shot Nessaie, or Thrasymedes, but saved all wounds from Thrasymedes.

He puts a Netrod into group one and turns one irregular order into regular. Link moves up and Eudoros kills Alquacil. He proceeds, throws smoke, we notice he is irregular and moves back. Thrasymedes hides from tht TAG and the Thorakites FO tries to Flash Pulse him, hits bit Iguana saves.

Last turn.

I moved a lot around took one of the consoles (originally two, but we noticed that I had used the order of a unconscious model and as I secured the second one with my last order, it was forfeit.)

Iguana plays boss, well tries at first, gets Flash pulsed but saves, then moves on and kills the last Thorakites and Thrasymedes in one order. Way to go. I love this machine.


Most other models move to secure quadrants (three were mine at the end).

Eudoros runs rampage and kills everything I have on my left flank, securing the two eastern halves, but I have the other two and Nessaie is not able to contest one with her two remaining orders. He concedes these orders and we call it game.

End Score 5-4 for me. Also I had more victory points. Good game, some stuoid decision, some crazy dice (all in all a lot of 18 and 19 were rolled). Iguana makes my day and I do not have to regret having painted him;) Still I need more MSV2 or flamers against Steel Phalanx.




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