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The Paint Pain: Progress and Intentions

Hello again,

I am somewhat proud of me that I manage to post at least once a week atm, there are not as many posts full of rambling, but at least I try to update consistently.


The (already obsolet) familiy picture of my painted QK, obsolet beause 3 more are drying next door. Obviously my skills at photography still suck. Between all my other projects I do not get around improving them:(

Speaking of projects some of the still waiting QK and my newest addition to my Schock Army of Aconteciemento (for which I have exactly 42 models now (well deducting Rao, which is now destined to be become a Bolt):


Green stuff is needed to finish these conversions and someday this year, I will come around and paint Singh, to finally use him.

Here is a picture of all my assembled Infinity Miniatures:DIGITAL CAMERA

The left half is Haqqislam the right Aleph and SAA, in the extreme right are models unassigned to an army. A lot to do. Besides Kensei and Warzone that are waiting.

So hoepfully next post will be more thoughtprovoking, unless I burnout before.



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