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The Paint Pain: Kensei done, Pulp City and NeoTerra

So being home the last days, I am still suffering from the infection I got back in January and badly needed some days to recuperate, I got some painting done. … Continue reading

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Guardians of the Silk Road: To battle twain more

There have been two more battler of my QK. Of one I donĀ“t have any pictures but it involved a Jotum, a Bashi on a killing spree and a never … Continue reading

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Reading: Chinese History

Here I am again with the next one down. Chinese Weapons from the Bibliotheca Orientalis series, first published 1932 in Shanghai was a short read. Back then E.T.C. Werner assembled … Continue reading

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Farewell: Terry Pratchet and Sam Simon

Death is busy lately, probably his sand clock is running wrong. So short after the departure of Nimoy, Sam Simon and Terry Pratchet are gone as well. While the Simpsons … Continue reading

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Readings: Japanese History 2

As promised (mostly to myself) I read Everyday things in premodern Japan. The hiden legacy of material culture. written by Susan B. Hanley. Hanley tries to grasp what impact things … Continue reading

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I am missing a good title right now, something about Sci-Fi

Greetings again, the last post was rather short I know, but I just had to share the grief. I actually did not do anything Friday evening, I really was stricken. … Continue reading

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