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I am missing a good title right now, something about Sci-Fi

Greetings again,

the last post was rather short I know, but I just had to share the grief. I actually did not do anything Friday evening, I really was stricken. To be honest I am a TNG child and never warmed up very much to TOS, too much western for my taste. Yet the legacy of Star Trek is undeniable and powerful as we all know. The ideas of tolerance over racial boundaries ans social as well, were very progressive for the time. Gene Roddenberry originally had a woman as first officier. Ironically it were the woman of the test audience who rejected the idea, not the men. Times were not right obviously.

That is the idea of Science-Fiction after all. Teaching us how else we could live. Social conventions that could fall before new technologies and different ways of living together , that are hard to conceive right now. This is one of the most important functions of literature, yet even more Sci-Fi because it challenges so many assumptions.

In light of Friday now I finally decided to write a Sci-Fi story. I have five novels that I started to write, one is Sci-Fi and this one shall be the one I try to finish first. I even entertain the idea of founding a Sci-Fi writing circle.

We´ll see.

Live long and prosper


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