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Farewell: Terry Pratchet and Sam Simon

Death is busy lately, probably his sand clock is running wrong. So short after the departure of Nimoy, Sam Simon and Terry Pratchet are gone as well.

While the Simpsons surely will go on, Discworld is all but finished now. To the salute…

After this is done, let us remember some good times, e.g. my old Discworld rpg sessions. We had assembled quite the troupe. There was Plutonium the Mage (with glowing hands), the worlds´ only female assassin, someone I forgot and a Swamp Dragon.

Together they investigated the reasons why the waters of the Ankh became less opaque and almost drinkable. Fun times, with a café situated in a griffon cave and fairy who knew the way, but got toasted by the Swamp Dragon and her blinking pile of ash – the eyes were still there – was combined with the Dragon – by the means of an intelligent trunk – into a four eyed dragon with the fairies memories. Well parody is fun I guess.

Till then


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