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Guardians of the Silk Road: To battle twain more

There have been two more battler of my QK. Of one I don´t have any pictures but it involved a Jotum, a Bashi on a killing spree and a never missing Fusilier. It was a cool game, the Jotum went down, my 0 W Iguana pilot landed exactly next to the doctor, who brought him up again and similar stuff. Well I lost, but closely at least.

The other one was today. Here is the board:


Was my opponents first N3, so some mistakes were made, well mine were simple stupidity:)

I had an Iguana, 4 Ghulam Link (Doc, Lt, HMG, and a disguised Hafza FO), Najjarun, Alquacil FO, Yuan Yuan and a Djanabazan Sniper for the oblgatory Ninja.

He had a Zuyong HMG, Hsien Lt (Tinbot), CG Hacker, 3 Zhanshi (Paramedic, FO), 1 Monk and …. a Ninja Sniper. 204 points for each side.

I fluffed the Lt roll with a 15, he won with a 2 or something. We played a modified supremacy with only 2 consoles, a weapon stash (which no one looted) and a Geisha HVT, which the Yu Jing wanted to drug. I had to test some drigs myself.


So I command tokened 2 orders from him and his monk started running down the street, threw some smoke and reached the tower in which my sniper sat (not on the pictures). Then the Ninja came. Having failed his PH for infiltration she came up from the side and attacked my Ghulam Hacker (Hafza), who tried to dodge.DIGITAL CAMERA

Three made armour saves later he was unconscious. Besides that some advancing was done and the Ninja brought back into total cover for my turn. DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA

In came my trusty Yuan Yuan (Jasmin, by the way)DIGITAL CAMERA

and failed horribly on her PH (sides were to dangerous to walk in and we also forgot to hack the AD, not that it would have changed anything) landing on a roof. DIGITAL CAMERA

She then tried to throw smoke twice and either failed or was outshot by a Zhanshi, which all amounted to this:

DIGITAL CAMERAAt least she was in the building and had an Automedikit.

Otherwise I advanced with the link Team, healed my Hafza (Classified, Whoa), shot two Zhanshi with the Djanbazan, survived two hits from the Zuyong while doing so and coordinated all remaining models to move forward.

Next turn.

Realising that the Monk can go upwards with his Impetuos order, we had this situation.


The Zuyong then critted down the Djanbazan on the roof, the monk climbed up, Coup de Graced him and fired his Shotgun (which poses as a Chain Rifle in this picture) at the Alquacil, who survived and dropped prone.


Ninja time. Coming around she took a long shot at my Najjarun, who outdodged the miserable shooting (15 and 19 to hit).


Some pointless things were also done but nothing happened. It had to do with the Zuyong. He lost a wound.

My turn. First I forgot to count the Najjarun for orders (doo!). Then I broke the link for some pointless shooting at the Ninja, DIGITAL CAMERA Ninja and Zuyong could have aroed three other members of the team unopposed, therefore the break.

My new Iguana pilot (Jelena, my usual Santiago was recuperating after being shot almost dead twice against the Jotum) did stupid things and ran up the roof towards the Monk. He engaged into CC and the Iguana missed both the Zuyong and the Monk, while taking a hit from the Zuyong on the way, which was saved. I did not want CC so the Alquacil, advanced to the console, hacked it with a crit and shot into the melee. 2 hits on the Monk one on the Iguana. Both failed one.


That was my last order, Hmpf, I reformed the link for AROs.

His last turn. Zuyong shot down the Iguana (I forgot my AROs from two Ghulam (one Hafza) here…) Result:


Again I failed the PH and dispersed right next to the Zuyong. He was surprised, charged, slapped aside the pistol (we both rolled a 12 for the combat) and was shot by the Hafza, and died. Phew.

Hsien advanced, killed the HMG Ghulam and almost my Lt (she made the save), and lost a wound to her rifle as he ran into my quadrant with his last order. As he was worth more in points than my link team it was his now.

Last round instead of going after the Hsien, I wanted some action. With the Pilot in his half an the Zuyong down, I only had to wait to win, yet that is lame. Jasmin rose up with her Automedikit


smoked the lane, ran it down and chain rifled the Ninja, who shot back.



With both down 1 wound the game ended.

5-3 for me. Some stupid moves on both sides, luck was more or less even, only the Ninja had some very bad shots.

All are eager for more:)



2 comments on “Guardians of the Silk Road: To battle twain more

  1. 40kterminatus
    March 16, 2015

    Some very nice pictures and an excellent board .

    • asreon
      March 18, 2015

      Thanks, I am still working on my photograpy skills, someday I will buy a good camera as well;)
      I really have to work some more on the buildings, but it does already make a good sight, true. A simple mat underneath does indeed do wonders.

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