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The Paint Pain: Kensei done, Pulp City and NeoTerra

So being home the last days, I am still suffering from the infection I got back in January and badly needed some days to recuperate, I got some painting done. Yeah, that happened after the vertigo I had monday morning finally faded.

I finished up Kensei miniatures 44-51 bringing now two playable armies up to speed. So finally I can write the damn report I have to do about them.


I really like Samurai. I do! Consequently I should have enjoyed painting these guys, yet no way. The sole point that I had to paint them took all the fun out of it. One of the reasons professional comission painting is not my thing.

I wanted to do something different.


I started the next Infinity army! My QK isn´t done yet (atm 16 models to paint and more are planned), but at 29 painted it is playable and I start to tire of the red and brown. So my NeoTerrans come in.

I am going to use the same bases for them, that I want to use for my next Aleph and my Imperial Service armies. I hate resinbases by the way. Sadly I am committed to them for these three armies now. Next to my first Fusilier (I actually did it and painted one, wow, I never would have believed that, when I started the game), a CSU (The CSU, but with a rather humble paint job), I made Rao into what he always should have been. A Bolt.

He obviously is the Bolt prototype miniature and everything else CB says is a lie. I never liked the thought of him fitting into my Bagh-Mari and he stood there unpainted for very long. Now he is Chris “Angry Machine Gun Jesus” Bolten, an ill-tempered Bolt, which may feature in a story soon, we´ll see.

NeoTerra will grow slowly, as I just restricted myself to never buy more than I have newly painted policy for Infinity. So that I will have a fully painted cabinet one day. I am eager to experience how long this will work out. For now I only have 2 more Fusiliers, another CSU, a Wardriver, a Yudbot and a Swiss Guard for NeoTerra.

On other matters here is my Pulp City gang ready for priming. (They already dry downstairs while I am writing this)


life goes on, as do the projects.


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