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Guardians of the Silk Road: The Dark Mist

Greetings again. My QK force valiantly fought against a blatant Yu Jing Incursion yesterday. The attackers sprayed a huge cloud of Nanites in advance to hinder sight, but the QK set out immediately to deny them any ground.

As the title says we played the Dark Mist scenario from the Dire Foes box, here are the attackers:

Group 1:

Su Jian, Sophotect (2 Yudbots), Bao Sniper, FO Remote, HMG Remote, Repeater Remote, Shotgun Wu Ming, Lu Duan.

Group 2:

5 CG (1 Hacker, 1 LGL, 1 BS, 1 LT)

So a lot of remotes and only one Hacker on my side.

Group 1:

3x Odalisques (Spitfire, Rifle, SMG), 2x Hafza FO, 2x Al´Hawwa FO, Najjarun (Nasmat), Djanabazan Doctor (Nasmat), Mobile Brigada (Lt).

Group 2: Fanous (Repeater) Remote, 3x Ghulam (Hacker, 2x LGL)

I concentrated on a lot of FO´s for the objectives. Here the table.DIGITAL CAMERA

We rolled of for Initiative he won and choose deployment (strange how often that happens thanks to the command tokens:))

So I deployed first:


My Link Team on the right flank, and a lot of people in the park. The two grenade launchers left and right.

He then proceeded:

DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA The empty bases are the Holoechos and this Bao really stands well…

Turn 1:

He strips two orders from my Grenade group and I start to mark the first antenna with my Al´Hawwa, forgetting that FO is now Burst two and relying on one roll, which I pass. I then notice that my Hawwa can´t see the next antenna, damn. My Link springs into action, moves up, shoots the Bao with a double Crit:), The Lu Duan despite his Echos and downs his FO Remote. Nice;) The HMG one get´s taken down as well. With the way free my Hafza marks the next antenna (once more with one die) and not much more happens. DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA

So the HMG comes around,repaired by the Sophotect and moves up and gets killed again (and repaired again). The Su Jian does some killing an wounding, putting a Hafza unconscious, killing the SMG Odalisque and wounding the Spitfire one (Ipek, for the ones who know her). That pretty much ends his turn here. The CG on the other flank playa nice shell game with the Hawwa and finally discover him (at the third attempt) and he dodges out of sight.

Turn 2:

My second turn saw me transfering the Hacker into the main combat group, re-establishing the link team hitting with a greande (everyone dodged) killing the HMG remote again and finally (also forcing the Sophotect in cover. I then proceed with my Hafza, Hawwa and Engineer (per Nasmat) to activate consoles result: DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA

All three get zapped by the Electric pulse, yes that only happens on 17-20 with Haqq´s high WIP. My Brigada also moved up to cover the flank against the CG and after a lot of shooting nothing happened.

He then went on try to kill the Brigada and Nasmat, not suceeding with his Wu Ming, who came around the corner DIGITAL CAMERA and hit him but he survived. The Su Jian moved up in a coordinated order and double critted my Hawwa next to the Brigada, and the Sophotect brought his Yudbot in Contact with the FO Remote. Which he then repaired and brought up to the Brigada to hack her. DIGITAL CAMERA Next to the Brigada was the Hawwa. His Su Jian shoed away some Odalisques on the way.DIGITAL CAMERAHis Link moved around and shot the Brigada on the way (zero damage) and finally killed of the Nasmat.DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERA

Turn 3

Not bein in LoL I first hacked the Console and my Hawwa was not zapped (yay).

Being last turn I made a desperate try to kill the Su Jian in order to achieve my main Mission (activating the console which is hidden in the advertisment in the middle of the street, to bomb the area). A lot of bad dice rolls later something happened there, but first my grenade launcher guy had his day:DIGITAL CAMERA One Grenade a lot of bad dodge and armour saves later, three CG lie unconscious, wow, grenades are still awesome. He then tried to shoot the FO Remote (okay that happend with the last two orders in the turn), but it saved all three hits!!!DIGITAL CAMERA

With the hacker gone my Brigada resets and tries to coordinate a kill of the Su Jian with the Odalisques and fails, falls unconscious. The valiant Najjarun runs into the open and takes the Su Jian into crossfire and wounds it. Finally the rifel odalisque takes down the Su Jian and with my last order the Najjarun (which goes by the name of V) makes her WIP and bombs the area. Strike!.


Together we think of an elaborate Plan for him to score even. He transfers the second to last CG into his main group and the Lt tries to kill my Ghulam in the open (who threatens the FO Remote), the Lt dies.DIGITAL CAMERA

Still not beaten his Remote runs and FO the Ghulam and an objective to save time and…the Ghulam destroys it.


So Game over 5:0 and you could say that his lone Ghulam (who now goes by the name of Jeren and was handsomely rewarded by the Sultan after his performance) won me the game. Thumbs up dude:)

All in all a god game, though his lack of FO hindered his progress and I made him sacrifice his entire first turn to neuter my advance. Sadly the army builder print out didn´t listen the Wu Ming as the FO he was, so he would have had more options for the objectives, but we both were not firm enough with the new profiles to notice that:(

Well, we will see what awaits next down the road.

keep connected. Thanks for reading.


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